Interlogix Security Commander

Security Commander provides a user-friendly way to manage all aspects of the Challenger security system. Operators can manage cardholders, run reports, respond to alarms, and fully confgure and control devices from an intuitive user interface.

Security Commander allows easy management of cardholder access throughout a single or multiple sites. Cards can be created and cardholder access can be managed in bulk in order to reduce manual data entry. Integrated photo ID allows for custom design of card layouts. Cardholders can be added automatically using the user import API. Cardholder reports allow operators to determine how access is allocated to users to ensure that operators know who has access to what at all times.

All events generated from the security system are stored in an industrystandard SQL database. This allows the system to reliably store millions of audit trail events. Built-in reports allow operators to determine where a cardholder has been or determine what happened for a particular incident. The database also allows for connection to third-party reporting software via ODBC for even greater flexibility.

Security Commander has the ability to grow with your organisation. Starting as a cost-effective, single site management tool, the system can grow to handle thousands of doors, inputs and cardholders across multiple locations. The multi-client capability allows multiple operators to log in from remote computers into a central location. This allows the server
to be stored in a secure and backed up location while operators can still access the system from their own desktop computers.

Video integration with supported devices allows alarms and other events to be linked to video footage for improved operator response and easier post-event investigation. This includes features like video ‘pop-up’ or send camera to preset on event. Operators also have the ability to view live and recorded footage from within the alarm monitoring screen, graphic maps or the video device viewer.

Security Commander provides comprehensive monitoring and control functionality. Alarm priorities and instructions can be set along with customisable audio alerts. Devices can be monitored and controlled through graphic maps, which are updated in real time. A unifed device control form allows operators to easily control remote Challenger devices.




• Seamlessly manage multiple Challenger panels as one integrated solution
• Cardholder management with integrated Photo ID
• Built-in reporting capability including event history, cardholder access and roll call
• Link events and view footage from third-party IP video systems
• Interactive graphic map display with dynamic icons
• Multi-monitor support
• Real-time cardholder import via XML
• Manual cardholder import via CSV
• Database partitioning for multi-tenant or multi-site applications
• Detailed management of operator permissions
• Industry-standard MS SQL database with Open Database connectivity (ODBC)
• Supports Challenger V8, Challenger10, ChallengerSE and ChallengerLE control panels
• Challenger V8 to Challenger10 migration tool utility
• Automated Titan to Security Commander migration utility
• Integrated support for TS0870P Smart Card Programmer
• Automated database backup utility

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