Networkable Fire Detection System

JUNO NET is a powerful Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control System with networking capabilities that facilitate the configuration of complex Wide Area Fire Detection Systems. Modular construction and distributed intelligence allow systems of up to 96 Loops to be constructed. With a high level of built-in redundancy and emergency back-up features, the JUNO NET is fully equipped to control the most complex installations.

Using its wide array of interfacing capabilities the JUNO NET is ideally placed to provide an efficient and effective solution to the logistics of protecting large institutions. JUNO NET is available as a standalone system of up to 13 Loops in a single cabinet and can be expanded to up to 96 Loops via a networked array of sub-panels which can be supplied in a blank box version or combined with a repeater to allow remote display and control of the system.
Networking is done by a monitored, redundant,double RS422/RS485,Fibre optic loop or TCP/IP network.

The JUNO NET networking capabilities are further enhanced by a wide range of programming options which provide the capability to customise the system according to the needs of the customer. Flexible cause and effect programmingof I/O devices and warningdevices ensure that Fire or Fault warningstrigger the appropriateresponse.

An interactive graphic representation of the system can be displayed on the users′ computer via the ODYSSEY graphical software (optional). All the devices on the system can be displayed on a building plan showing their status in real time. In the event of fire or fault the customer can control the system and access all the necessary information with a few mouse-clicks.

Automatic device detection at start up reduces time spent at the commissioning stage. In Installation mode the JUNO NET detects and recognises addressed and connected devices with the system being fully operational in less than two minutes. The default programming ensures that the system is ready to detect Fire/Fault alerts from the moment that power is applied.

Additional programming, to customise the system can be implemented via the onboard keypad, IR programmer, PS/2 keyboard or with a laptop PC running the GFE Connector software which is available free of charge on the Global Fire website.


Key Features

♦ Fully expandable system from 1-96 Loops with distributed intelligence for added security
♦ 125 Device addresses per loop
♦ Up to 96 Loop sounders with 32 individually programmable addresses per Loop
♦ 96 VULCAN 2 (addressable) ultra low current sounders or beacons per Loop. Only 64 of these units should be installed per loop when combined sounder beacons are being used. This number includes addressable, shadow, auxiliary and detector-sounder/beacon versions of these units
♦ Compatible with major analogue addressable communications protocols
♦ 2 Fire output changeover relays and 1 Fault output relay (NC)
♦ Open collector outputs for Fire, Fault and pre-alarm remote indication
♦ 2 Fully monitored conventional sounder outputs on main panel and each sub panel
♦ Repeaters with optional integrated Sub-Panels (J-NET-REP + Loop Card)
♦ 384 Programmable zones
♦ 512 Fully programmable sounder and I/O groups
♦ Event Log 2000 entries FIFO
♦ Backlit LCD display 4 row x 40 characters
♦ Programming options: onboard keypad, Remote IR (optional), PS2 Keyboard and GFE Connector Software
♦ PC Graphics package ODYSSEY for alarm management and reporting (optional)
♦ Multiple Language support (menu selectable)
♦ MODBUS (ASCII & RTU) and BMS support