Open-area Smoke
Imaging Detection (OSID)

Large, open spaces – warehouses, airports, train stations, stadiums and shopping malls – pose unique challenges to reliable fire detection due to their environmental nature and limitations.

Open-area Smoke Detection Reinvented
OSID is designed specifically for these environments, enabling early detection and response to save lives and
prevent service disruptions.

OSID uses a sophisticated algorithm to map and compare the strength of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light signals from detectors configured in the area.

OSID also reduces the costs of installation thanks the ball and socket arrangement with simple laser screwdriver alignment. The Emitters come both battery powered and wired.


Superior Features Offered by OSID


♦ Patented dual wavelength, UV & IR, particle detection
♦ CMOS imager with wide viewing angles
♦ Simple installation, commissioning and maintenance - up to 70% time saving compared to traditional beams
♦ High tolerance to vibration and structural movement and high airflow
♦ High resistance to dust, fogging, steam, reflections and object intrusion
High resistance to reflected sunlight

♦ Requires as little as 20 x 20 cm (8x8“) unobstructed width of view
♦ On-board log memory for fault and alarm diagnostics
♦ Software tool for diagnostic purposes
♦ Aesthetically discreet and 3D coverage
♦ Long range up to 150 m (492 ft)